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Fish Yourself a BoatDaddy and Hit the Waters!

A fun social app designed to help you meet new friends who are just as enthusiastic about boating as you are!

Now available in Apple & Google App stores!

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BoatDaddies nearby


Chat with Them

Engage on conversations with different BoatDaddy's, make as many connections you want!

Find BoatDaddy's

There's plenty of BoatDaddy's, discover the ones near your!

Find someone to hangout on the sea!

Ready to expand your horizons and make waves in your local boating community? Look no further than BoatDaddy! Dive in to discover new friends who share your love for the water, and start chatting to plan your next on-water adventure.

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BoatDaddies nearby

Your BoatDaddy is out there, eager to meet you!

Whether you're seeking a boating companion or simply looking to expand your circle of friends, BoatDaddy is your go-to platform for forging meaningful connections and creating unforgettable on-water experiences together.

Meet New Friends, Explore New Places and Experience the Best of a Community of Boaters

Join the Community and Find the Perfect BoatDaddy for You!

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